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Want To Grow Your Brand
On Instagram Fast With Real Followers?
Are you passionate about your brand?

Are you constantly on Instagram liking, posting and commenting and still not seeing your followers grow as fast as you would like?

You are not alone.

With the massive growth of Instagram there is endless opportunity to grow your brand but there is also a lot more competition. With ad costs rising and organic reach going down it's getting even harder to get noticed and grow your following consistently.

If you are like most people your strategy for Instagram is to post good consistently, use relevant hashtags and wait for the followers to roll in.

How's this working for you?

If you are reading this, probably not as well as you would like.

If you want to take your brand to the next level and grow your following organically and consistently   you have to do things that the majority or brands and users on Instagram are not.

We too struggled at first to grow our Instagram following. We were posting great images multiple times a day and using very relevant hashtags but our growth was slow and inconsistent.

We didn't want to buy any followers because we knew those weren't real and we needed real sales.

We continued to struggle until we figured out the secret to massive organic growth on Instagram.

In less than a year our following exploded to more than 47K globetrotting Black millennials. And before we knew it we grew our passion for Black travel into a business with a passionate collective of travelers and creatives.

This one secret changed our whole trajectory and allowed us to create the life of our dreams and empower thousands of Black globetrotters to travel the globe unapologetically melanated.

With years of experience growing Instagram accounts we understand what it takes to grow your brand on Instagram quickly and organically. Now we are sharing our secret success system to help you do the same!
The Secret
So what made the difference?

We learned that the key to growing on Instagram is to be proactive and to engage with as many people who would want to be apart of your tribe as possible.

That means finding where your followers hang out on Instagram and engaging with them by following, liking and commenting on their posts. This will get them to do the same back to you.

As they say to get a friend you have to be a friend.

By doing this many times a day and being as targeted as possible your following will begin to skyrocket.

This is the MOST EFFECTIVE strategy for your growing your Instagram fast & organically.

We've successfully grown many other brands with this proven strategy and will grow yours too!

With our sacred business growth service we actively manage your account and engage with those who are most likely to become apart of your tribe.

We do highly targeted & comprehensive research on your target audience and then we begin to build a relationship with them through active engagement.

We also optimize your account over time to make sure you are getting the most followers and unfollowing those who do not engage our follow you back.

With years of experience growing Instagram accounts we understand what it takes to grow your high vibe brand on Instagram quickly and organically and now we are sharing our secret success system to help you do the same!

We created our Instagram growth service for those with high vibe businesses who want to share their gifts and grow their business on Instagram.
Grow Your Instagram With Real Followers Who Turn Into Real Customers
Who Does Our System Work For? 

Influencers: Travel Bloggers | Fashion Bloggers| Personalities & Celebrities | Digital Nomads | Food Enthusiasts | Makeup Bloggers | Lifestyle Bloggers | Mommy Bloggers | Sports Bloggers

Businesses: Online Stores | Jewelry | Fashion | Gyms | Design & Decor | Health & Wellness | Beauty | Hotels/Resorts | Restaurants | Tour Companies | Travel Agencies | Retailers | Beach Rental Companies | Cafes | Luxury | Spiritual/Metaphysical

Professionals: Photographers | Artists | Models | Barbers | Stylists | DJs | Doctors | Lawyers | MLM & Affiliate Marketers | Musicians | Actors | Athletes | Entrepreneurs | Fitness Coaches | Designers

How It Works
Step 1
Tell us about your business, your goals and anything else we need to know so that we can target those who are passionate about your business.
Step 2
We actively manage your account by engaging with your ideal customer on a daily basis through following and liking their best content. This will ensure that they will follow you and potentially become a customer.
Step 3
As your brand grows, we will continue to optimize and improve our strategy so that you are getting the maximum engagement from your most passionate followers.
Why Choose Us? Listen to Our Happy Clients!
"MM’s targeted growth system means I am able to reach followers that truly value my content and as I result I am connecting with more people than ever by way of comments, direct messages, and story responses which massively helps my brand’s presence."

"I have seen amazing growth in my following already!"

"We were posting great content every day and seeing almost no growth, we were so frustrated. Once we started with Melanin Majority everything changed!"


Start Growing!
$97/month (Guaranteed Growth!)
Your Order Is 100% Secured.
Why Instagram matters to your business
✊🏿Instagram currently has over 1 billion active users
✊🏿71% of U.S. businesses use Instagram
✊🏿Instagram users are 70% more likely to make purchases on their phone
✊🏿Instagram has the highest interaction rate of any social network

Why Work With Us...
Quick & Easy Setup 
Getting started is simple and easy. Just fill out some info on your brand, niche and goals and leave the rest to us.

Real Followers, Real Results!
Our clients typically can see up to 2x-3x growth in their first month! We only engage with real people, we do not buy followers or engage with bots. This way, your followers will convert to real sales & clicks.

Black-Owned Business
We are a Black-owned business with a successful online track record. We understand how to reach customers and grow your brand with targeted followers (niche & geographic location specific).

Our service is affordably priced, so that you can see a return on your investment. Depending on your product or service, one sale could pay for your entire monthly service!

Grow Your Sales
Instagram has the highest engagement and conversion rate of any social media network. If you want to grow your sales online you need an engaged Instagram following. We can help you build one quickly with real and passionate followers & eager customers.

Stay Ahead of the Competition
Having a large Instagram following is one of the best ways to establish your brand as an authority. But many brands do not know how to grow their following. Let our Melanin Marketing Instagram Growth Service help your brand stand out.

Attract Brand Sponsorships
As an influencer with a large audience, your ability to attract brand sponsorships and media opportunities greatly increases. We can show you how to leverage your new following into huge opportunities!

Create Passive Income
Once you have a large and engaged audience, we can show you all the ways that you can monetize it so that you can create passive income that will give you the freedom to create the life of your dreams.

No Contract, Cancel Anytime
We do not lock you into any contracts. You can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied or feel you have reached your goals. Either way, we make it easy from start to finish.

5-Star Customer Service
Our customer service is amazing! We are available to answer any questions you have through our support system.
What Can Our Melanin Marketing Instagram Growth Service Do For Your Business Or Influencer Account?
  Grow Your Audience Of Potential Customers
  Real Organic Growth, Fast! 2x-3x growth in 30 days!*
  Increased Sales & Engagement
Decreased Ad Costs
Fully-Managed Marketing System
Proven Organic Growth
Passionate Followers
More Sales
All Information Is Safely & Securely Stored On A Private Server & NEVER Shared With 3rd Parties. Our Service Is 100% Confidential.
We Target Real People
No Fake Followers Or Bots
Our Service Is Human-Powered. And Guaranteed To Attract Real Followers &
 Create Real Results!
We Use Proven Strategies That Leverage Instagram's Algorithm For Maximum Engagement & Organic Growth.
We have successfully grown Black business and influencer accounts of all types and we can help yours do the same.

Instagram rewards those with a large passionate followings (10K or more) and even unlocks features only available to influencers such as the ability to include links in your stories and direct traffic straight to your website or product page, which will drive even more sales!

Let us help you take your brand to the next level by turbocharging your Instagram growth.
Start Growing!
$97/month (Guaranteed Growth!)
Your Order Is 100% Secured.
Frequently Asked Questions
How Fast Will My Instagram Account Grow?
It depends. Every account is different and every niche is different but we many of our clients will see up to 2x-3x growth in their first 30 days. Your growth is affected by a number of factors including your niche and the quality and quantity of your posts. We GUARANTEE that you will receive a lot more relevant, organic followers than using any other method.

How Do You Engage With My Instagram Followers?
It’s simple. For instance, if you're a travel influencer, we will engage with fellow travelers in your specific area or globally by following them and liking their content. We will also engage with users who interact with travel-related hashtags and relevant accounts. We do this consistently throughout the day so that as we are actively managing your account. Our targeting gets much more detailed than that, but this gives you a sense of how it works.

Is Your Service Safe? 
Yes our service 100% safe as we adhere to all of Instagram’s parameters and terms of service. As long as you are not posting content that violates Instagram terms of service, you shouldn't have an issue. All your information is safely & securely stored on a private server & NEVER shared with third parties. Our Melanin Marketing Instagram Growth Service Is 100% confidential so no one will ever know you are using it. We are not responsible if your account goes down because you violated Instagram's terms of service.

How Often Should I Post On Instagram?
Posting at least once a day is ideal. But if you can’t post that often then make sure to post quality content with relevant hashtags at least several times per week.

What's Not Included With Our Melanin Marketing Instagram Growth Service?
We do not post on your Instagram for you. We engage with your audience on your behalf. If you are interested in a website, paid promotion or consultation, please visit our sign up page.

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